Meet the face behind
OH MOM, Limited

Khadijah, Owner​

Mom. Author. Business Woman.

OH MOM, Limited is located in Cleveland, OH. It's name was derived from Oh Khalil, Ltd. The Oh Khalil brand was created to assist families with toilet training and quickly expanded. Khadijah is the owner of both OH MOM and

Oh Khalil. She wrote her first children's book called Oh Khalil and the Color Block Bandit under the Oh Khalil brand. Then, created OH MOM to share her personal experiences with motherhood and her love for loungewear. OH MOM has become a space where mothers and others can be expressive, share experiences, talk about their journeys, network, and find comfortable clothing. It’s not just an online store but a confidant through our featured blogs and resource center. Let’s learn together. 


We call our mom’s the "Momily", because it takes a village and we are family. Join the MOMILY—a family dedicated to motherhood. Let’s MOM it up!  



OH MOM, Limited