From Boss to Leader to Mommy...

By Pierra Heard

Hi All,

I’m Pierra. I’m 24 years old. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, but I now reside in Tampa, Florida; and I’m a mommy to one sassy little almost two year old, Pace. That’s pretty much all my bio consists of now. It went from listing all of these fancy awards, titles, certifications and degrees to “Mommy”. As if everything I’ve done before giving birth no longer matters. All of a sudden the only conversations I could have with people were about teething, breastfeeding and my birth experience.

All my life I had planned to be the career woman, dominating, creating a name for myself and crazy to say now I didn’t plan on having any children. When I found out I was pregnant I was mortified. I felt all of my plans and hard work had gone to waste and it was the end of my journey. It took me waking up one day 7 months pregnant and saying absolutely not. I will not lose myself and my goals in becoming just a mom. While it’s one of the greatest titles to have on Earth, I just couldn’t have my resumé stop there. While I was already graduating with My undergraduate degree in sociology when finding out about Pace I chose to try to further and continue my education during pregnancy and in my 4th trimester. Which if you didn’t know, it’s the scary time frame after right having your baby up until you feel like you’ve got a handle on things. I mastered breastfeeding and pumping while reading and taking notes for class. I found a way to get my newborn to sit quietly while I was online for a lecture and prepping for working night shifts at the same time. I was tired. Mentally and physically but I let motherhood be my driving force to continue versus giving up. I told myself, there’s no reason you can’t have it all. 10 months into being a mom I decided to share my stories and resources I had of being supported in “doing it all”. From that came Millennial & Mommying.

Millennial and Mommying is a social platform that specializes in connecting mothers to each other and resources within their communities. It is for anyone who believes that you can be a mom who has it all in a sense of being a modern day woman with a career, education, family and social life. As I write this I reflect in gratitude on how far I’ve come in my journey of wanting to give up or being miserable because I felt that I had to lose me the moment I became a mom. It’s just in me to work hard, to lead and to help people. I’m glad to get a chance to do all of that in one while also being the best mother I can be. I love letting people know that you can be a bomb woman who just so happens to be mom too. Too often women lose sight of who they are trying to figure out who their little person will be. We’ve got to stop doing that.

We’ve got to let “Mommy” just become a line on the resumés we build instead of becoming the entire thing. We have to realize that as long as we put our minds to it and are willing to put the work in we can truly have it all. After all being happy and a fulfilled you, makes you a better “Mommy” anyway. If you’re a mother reading this, whatever that dream was you had, go for it. There’s time, there are resources, I’ll be your support. There’s a way to do it all.