Journey to Self-Healing and Exploration

By Mwt Het Heru Nfr Nfraita

Happy New Year Momily family,

We have successfully crossed the threshold of a new calendar year. The start of 2021, in the minds of many, offers a glimmer of hope and the potential for significant change. Contrastingly, for some, the new year can mean the continued experiences of discomfort, frustration, and ongoing struggles. The onset of the new year brings resolutions of commitment and change. Yet, our desires to experience different allow us to look at how we can begin to acknowledge and blend the two views of our “old” self and the “new” person we wish to become. Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater by completely demolishing the person, we have known ourselves to be. We can use the process of self-healing as a tool to begin a journey of self-exploration and balance—the balancing of emotions, thoughts, and actions.

With this balance, we can increase our experiences of comfort, joy, and happiness. We know that access to these feelings is needed in parenting as these help us remain resilient in the face of adversity. The more joy, comfort, and happiness we experience, the easier our children can connect to these feelings. Our emotional well-being is connected to the developing emotional well-being of our children. Therefore, to help us raise children who are equipped with the skills and tools needed to process their own emotions, we have to ensure we can do the same for ourselves. We can develop our skills by exploring mechanisms of self-healing.

Self-healing is defined as a recovery process from psychological disturbances, trauma, anxiety, etc., that is motivated, directed, and guided by the person seeking healing (the patient). Self-healing offers the opportunity to reflect on our present state of being. Then make a plan of action to address whatever comes up during our exploration we want to change. Self-healing builds personal confidence and helps us improve how we deal with stress, anxiety, and frustration. There are different types of self-healing tools that can be used with traditional emotional or physical healing practices (such as behavioral counseling or other medical therapies).

There are so many self-healing components that we can explore; However, I like to share five-pillar experiences with people before they decide to commit to this journey of change. Those five-pillar experiences are:

Self-awareness: The ability to accept one’s true self or character.

  1. Interconnectedness: The ability to understand you are connected to others and things around you.

  2. Vulnerability: The ability to take emotional risks.

  3. Self-expression: The ability to communicate how you feel to others in a non-blaming or shaming way.

  4. Expansion: The ability to recognize when positive changes have occurred and the ability to use that hope or newly acquired skill to help increase the positive movement from one experience to another.

These five-pillar experiences aid us throughout the journey of self-healing. Based on how you feel within these five-pillar experiences will significantly impact your ability to use self-healing as a tool to improve your life quality. Therefore it is always a good idea to do some deep thinking (reflecting) before choosing self-healing as a tool to help balance your experiences of happiness, joy, and growth in life. Things to explore before deciding:

  1. What do I want to get from this experience?

  2. Am I ready to talk about any trauma that I have experienced in my life?

  3. Am I ready to take personal accountability for my decision making?

  4. What matters most to me?

  5. What are my core beliefs about myself and others?

  6. What do I need right now to help me remain safe?

These are all great questions to start your journey of self-healing and exploration. Trust that you have the courage and resources you need to help find balance in life, and you can have feelings of joy that are intrinsic and not negatively impacted by someone else. And by “putting the mask on yourself first” will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in helping your children address their emotions as they grow.

If you have done your self-reflection and now feel confident to explore self-healing, research some modalities and find out which one may work best for you and your desired outcome.

Have fun discovering.

With love and gratitude,

Chaun Bunton,

Mwt Het Heru Nfr Nfraita

Priestess and Spiritual Support Partner

*disclaimer* I am not a medical professional. Please consult your medical professional as directed. If you or someone you know is experiencing a significant emotional/ psychological disturbance and is currently in crisis please contact Frontline 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline at 216-623-6888.